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Special journal is part of accounting journals. It usually has specific title. Like cash, sales, purchase or any other names. You can find those journals in merchandising or manufacturing companies. They need to differentiate those journals to ease recording and auditing respective transactions.

Basically, format for special journals are similar with general journal. You will still find general journal but its contents could be different from services companies, since cash, sales and purchase transactions are already separated.

Since writing transactions involving numbers, it is recommended to write them in Microsoft Excel rather than Microsoft Word. You can use Word format for printing purposes where accountant or person in charge of particular can write the transactions manually. Then, you can move them into Excel format.

Here, you can find both format. You can personalize them to suit your company style.

Cash Journal Template

Use this journal to record any cash transactions. Receivable and payable payment also written in this journals. The bottom line, record any kind of cash transactions in this journal. You can easily make cash statement summary from this journal.

Sales Journal Template

This sales journal is basically account receivable journal. No cash transactions in this journal. But, if you are using accounting software, make sure that you read the user guide. Because how to write transactions into sales journal depends on accounting software that you are using.

Purchase Journal Template

Similar with sales journal. You can write all payable transactions in this template.

Three models of special journals above are common models you can find in many accounting software. You can add more specific journals. Format of those journals are similar. The difference is only on journal titles. You can save those files into other names before you print it.

  Cash Journal Template - Word Format (18.7 KiB, 131 hits)

  Sales Journal Template - Word Format (18.8 KiB, 142 hits)

  Purchase Journal Template - Word Format (18.7 KiB, 130 hits)

  Special Journal Template - Excel Format (157.7 KiB, 116 hits)


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